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THE PROBLEM: You're Struggling with Marketing and Selling Your Products and Services Online

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THE SOLUTION: You Need a Marketing Platform -- Without One You'll Keep Stumbling and Fumbling, Wasting Your Time, Your Money, and The Dream You Dreamed When You Started Out

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A Real Compass – No More Guess Work

Asia Sharif-ClarkWhat Judith and Jim have created is a compass for the Soft Sell Marketer. Before I received this tool, I was all over the map. With their guidance I'm moving through the 17 Platform Elements with a deliberate plan in place. No more guess work. Thanks so much for making my marketing life easier!
Asia Sharif-Clark, Roanoke, VA

DATE: 01-25-20

Hi, Judith & Jim here.

Just what is a marketing platform?

Mindset – Your Internal Platform
Your Marketing Platform consists of:

Your Point of View - Your insight that guides you into the audience you are serving.

Your Mission - How you will get the word out about what you provide

Your Professional Value - The depth of benefits you provide to your buyers

Your Personal Values - The code of integrity and care by which you create and measure your relationship with your specific audience

Your Unique Personality - What you stand for and how you come across to your specific audience

Your Market Platform - The distinctive position that you adopt and stand for ensures that people looking for you and what you provide can easily tell you apart from others. Soft Sell Platform Positioning requires your careful attention to every element of your specific marketing mix.

For Example

Hard Sell Marketing --- For hard sell marketers the bottom-line is all that matters, so they will use whatever “in-your-face, after-your-wallet” tactics to get them where they want to go.

Soft Sell Marketing – For you, as a soft sell marketer, it’s the heart-line that matters, right? So you choose integrity marketing, or conscious marketing, with respect and care for yourself and your customers, as your way of getting to where you want to go.

Two Points of View
Producing Two Distinctly Different
Marketing Platforms

Your platform begins within, but it doesn’t stop there. You need . . .
The Technical Elements – Your External Platform
A marketing platform is also about the technical elements you use to get your message out into the marketplace:

The pages on your site that carry your message

Your blog and how to use it

The power of your articles and how to distribute them

The media you create to gain visibility

The tone and style you, your staff, and your company use to relate to your audience

And much, much more

Our Platform Elements Check List is designed specifically for you, the Soft Sell Marketer. You will have access to 17 different platform building techniques you can activate to become a strong, vibrant, and income producing presence online and off.
That’s the outside half.
You will also see how to build your platform from the inside, from where your integrity lives, so who you are and what you say are a consistent, credible, and compelling whole.
That’s the inside half.
By using our Platform Check List, you can systematically build your platform and send your message out across the globe or concentrate it in your local area.
So Stop Your Struggle and Build Your Platform
By claiming your copy of our Platform Elements Check List you will receive:

1) Your Marketing Platform Elements Check List -- MP3 audio download

2) Your Marketing Platform Elements Check List transcript – because some people learn better by reading

3) Your PDF follow-along-focus-sheet to make listening to the audio a breeze.

And Three Added Bonuses . . .
Bonus Number One ...
Is our "Internal Marketing Platform Virtual Workshop" Which you receive In both Audio and Transcript form.
We guide you through a process of discovery and determination, helping you ground yourself within Your Internal Marketing Platform so you can go forward in building and expanding your External Marketing Platform --- out in the world --- with
Confidence, and
Clear Conscience that you are in true service to your customers
Lifetime Value . . . Priceless!
Bonus Number Two ...

As your platform grows you’ll need a set of pre-written documents to send to those who want to interview you, who want to see your bio, who ask you to offer a free bonus to support their marketing campaign, and a variety of other opportunities.

Rather then creating those docs from scratch every time, all you do is adjust them to fit whatever the request is and you’re ready to go.

Along with the Platform Elements Check List you receive . . .

“How to Create Preset Files for Easy Professional Reach”

Our 60-minute MP3 audio download and the PDF follow-along-focus-sheet so you can make promoting yourself and what you do much easier and a whole lot simpler!

How to Create Preset Files for Easy Professional Reach walks you through the many steps of creating these files so you can use them in a moment's notice . . .

AND you only have to create them once, adjusting them as you need, expanding your professional reach!

The value of Preset Files is $47.

To make it even simpler for you, you'll receive these extra templates:

bhm Our Pre-set Interview Questions we use when we're interviewed about our program “Bridging Heart and Marketing III - the Soft Sell Platform Training Collection”

bhm Our Pre-set Media Pitch to book interviews for our #1 bestseller The Heart of Marketing: Love Your Customers and They Will Love You Back

bhm Our Pre-set Endorsement Request, the one we used to get 43 high-quality endorsements for our book The Heart of Marketing, that you can model and use for any type of endorsement request.

Just edit and adapt these templates to fit your topics and needs and you're on your way.

But . . . we're not finished making sure you have everything you need to effectively build your External Marketing Platform. So we want you to have this Additional Bonus.

It's all about a way to grow your platform and get people asking for your expertise is to optimize your site in the best way possible.

Using keywords on your pages is important BUT linking strategies are essential to grow your site into one of the most popular sites in your niche.

Here’s how it works:

When search engines look at sites one of the things they take note of is any links on those site that point back to your site. The more links pointing back to your site means what you have is rated is relevant and search-important. That gives your site credibility. The more links to your site the more credible you are and the higher your search-rank will climb toward that coveted spot on the first page of the Google organic search results.

So just how do you get top become link-popular? With a Clear and effective Linking Strategy.

And that’s Our third bonus:

Linking Strategies for Increased Traffic and Search Engine Visibility

Our 60-minute MP3 audio download, a PDF follow-along-focus-sheet, and the complete Transcript.

Linking Strategies for Increased Traffic and Search Engine Visibility takes you step-by-step through:

Link-building — the practice of getting your links positioned on external web sites thereby referring back to your own site.

Page Rank — The rank Google assigns to individual web pages within your site

Advantages of Link Building — get quality traffic from relevant sites, for increased sales

Linking Techniques — for getting your links on other websites.

Our Linking Strategies Bonus is not available anywhere else throughout our whole web presence. Only here in conjunction with your Soft Sell Marketing - Platform Elements check List..

The value of Linking Strategies is $97.

But as you put this training to work, the potential results make this program invaluable.

So . . .

Work less not more, because
Your business is about to get a lot easier and
A lot more fun.

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